Smart UV driver technology for more sustainable operation

Are you looking for a flexible and highly efficient UV power supply that can easily be configurated to meet specific needs of your customers? Do you need to deliver a sustainable and competitive UV solution that complies with the regulations in your market?

Reduce carbon footprint with smart driver technology

How can you save energy costs and reduce carbon footprint by using smart UV lamp driver technology? With rising energy costs, supply chain pressures and increased social interest in sustainable production, it’s more important than ever that the equipment you use high class perform while reducing your carbon footprint. That’s where our technology comes in.

Sustainable operations helps create better profits

Saving energy with low pressure Lamp Drivers

Nedap supplied the lamp drivers for the largest UV drinking water purification plant for New York  City, the biggest one ever built. The plant can supply 8.3 billion liters of clean water to the more than 9 million inhabitants of New York and environs. To purify the water, 6000 UV Nedap lamp drivers were installed to drive 12.000 low pressure lamps. In this way the gigantic, hyper-modern purification plant is highly efficient in energy use.

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